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The Campus

With 62 up-to-date buildings in a garden-like setting, the Pomona campus itself is an endless array of wonderful places to work and play, plus a remarkable collection of educational resources. Classroom buildings are all new or recently renovated, ranging from venerable Pearsons Hall, where President Teddy Roosevelt once made a fiery speech, to state-of-the-art structures such as the recently completed Lincoln and Edmunds buildings, models of environmentally friendly architecture where students love to congregate in the many small lounges and to write on the erasable walls.

It’s also a high-tech campus. Widespread wireless access means anyone with a laptop can do research (or just check your email) in any little courtyard on campus—one reason why Pomona was named one of the “Top 20 Wired Colleges” in the nation by PC Magazine and the Princeton Review. Also cited were the College’s free, gigabyte ethernet access in the dorms, 24-hour computer labs and the high  percentage of classrooms with technology teaching stations.

Beyond Pomona, the possibilities grow exponentially. Pomona’s campus has been called “elastic”—meaning you can make it as small as its 140-acre boundaries or take advantage of the opportunities offered by the consortium to make it much larger. With five undergraduate colleges nestled on contiguous campuses—putting as many as 150 public events per month within a 15-minute walk—some students almost never venture away, preferring to remain within what some call “the Claremont bubble.”

Life at Pomona