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Student Support Services

Thanksgiving at International Place, an international, multicultural center for The Claremont College.

Pomona College provides its students support in varying capacities throughout their four years and beyond. 

Here is a sample of the programs and services the college provides to assist all students.

Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs offers all students the services, resources and support they need to succeed at Pomona College. Student Affairs believes that student life on campus should be as compelling, challenging, and personally satisfying as life in the classroom and lab.  Working closely with students, faculty, and staff, Student Affairs aims to provide services, activities, and resources that support the College's educational enterprise and support each student to learn, grow, and develop while here at Pomona.

Academic Support Resources

Pomona’s Academic Support Resources offer expert peer instruction to help you develop strategic learning skills, assist in achieving your personal intellectual potential, and promoting leadership and service learning opportunities through the peer Fellows program. Specific academic support centers include the Writing Center, the Quantitative Skills Center, the Foreign Language Resource Center, and the Learning Fellows program.

Dean of Students Office

The primary commitment of the Dean of Students office and all the other Student Affairs offices is to support and advise you as you move through your academic and personal life as a member of the Pomona College community.

Career Development Office

The Career Development Office (CDO) guides students through their career needs during their four years at Pomona and beyond as alumni. They work with students to develop job-search and networking skills, offer advising and resources, provide a job database, run a robust internship program that funds opportunities for all students, and provides advisement on graduate fellowships and other post-grad opportunities.

Draper Center for Community Partnerships

The mission of the Draper Center is to foster mutually beneficial exchanges among community members, students, faculty and staff in order to support educational outreach initiatives, community-based research and learning, and other community engagement activities. Students can explore an assortment of community and volunteer opportunities through the Draper Center, including collaborative theater with local middle-school students, food rescue for local shelters, educational outreach, volunteering during Spring Break, and taking classes with community collaboration.

Office of the Chaplains

The Chaplains of The Claremont Colleges empower and enhance spiritual life at The Claremont Colleges by integrating intellectual and spiritual growth, guiding questions about values, life choices and ethics; nurturing religious faith, building community, and training future leaders for service. Jewish, Catholic, Interdenominational, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Latter-Day Saints, Christian Science, Zen Meditation, and other on-campus religious and spiritual groups meet at McAlister Center for worship services and programs overseen by the Chaplains.

Health and Counseling Services

Students may seek general medical visits, sports physicals, prescriptions, immunizations, lab services and x-rays, family planning, and other services at the Claremont University Consortium’s Student Health Services. The Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services office offers brief counseling, psychiatric medication management, learning disabilities and ADHD assistance, groups and workshops, referrals and crisis intervention. For general wellness services, workshops and programming, students may visit the Health Education Outreach service.

Office of Black Student Affairs

The& Office of Black Student Affairs (OBSA) addresses the educational needs of students of African descent. The office, through its cultural programs and academic services, seeks to create a supportive environment for students that will help them attain their undergraduate and graduate degrees. OBSA is committed to diversity, and its programs and services are open to all students of The Claremont Colleges. It sponsors numerous activities, including the New Student Retreat, Black History Month programs, leadership training, cross-cultural programs, speaker’s series, poetry readings and other programs to enhance students’ interpersonal skills.

Asian American Resource Center

The Asian American Resource Center’s (AARC’s) mission is to build a stronger sense of Asian Pacific Islander community, raise awareness of issues affecting Asian American and Pacific Islanders, develop student leadership and act as a resource for the campus community. AARC collaborates with other ethnic groups, academic departments and campus offices on a wide range of social and educational programs such as Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month, leadership development retreats, the Asian Pacific Islander Arts Initiative, Social Justice Lecture Series and faculty lecture series. Working in conjunction with the five-college Intercollegiate Department of Asian American Studies, AARC also houses the multimedia Yuri Kochiyama Asian American Studies Library and Off-Campus Placement Program that provides information on internship and scholarship opportunities.

The Asian American Mentor Program (AAMP) is a student-run peer mentoring program established to meet the specific needs of first-year and transfer Asian American students in adjusting to college life.

Chicano/Latino Student Affairs Center

The Chicano/Latino Student Affairs Center (CLSA) is an educational support service that addresses student issues through academic, social and cultural programs. CLSA seeks to build community through a variety of activities and events designed to bring students together from the five colleges. Specifically, the New Student Retreat, Latino Heritage Month, Día de la Familia, monthly lunches, study breaks, movie series, guest lectures and César Chávez Commemoration Program help students to network and form bonds of friendship and support. Moreover, every new student is mentored through the CLSA Sponsor Program. Programs are provided that enrich student cultural identity and promote social awareness. CLSA offers services and activities that celebrate the history, heritage and culture of Chicanos and Latinos.

Queer Resource Center

Located in Walton Commons, the Queer Resource Center (QRC) of The Claremont Colleges is a seven-college organization providing resources for students, faculty and staff of all sexual orientations and genders. The mission of the QRC is to empower each lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning person to have a positive college experience, grow as a self-aware individual and be a responsible community member. The QRC has a large collection of LGBT-related books which can be checked out as textbooks, research material or just for fun as well as a wide selection of movies that can be checked out for free; the QRC’s student staff plan social, educational and political programs throughout the year in addition to co-sponsoring many events with various other organizations; and the QRC lounge can be used for meetings, doing homework, practicing piano, playing foosball or simply hanging out with friends in a safe space.

Women's Union

The Women’s Union, located in the Upper Lounge in Walker Hall, is a resource center for those interested in exploring gender-related issues. The WU has an extensive library and provides space for meetings and social gatherings. It sponsors weekly discussion groups and cultural field trips.

International Place of the Claremont Colleges (I-Place)

I-Place is an active international, multicultural center for The Claremont Colleges. Located on the Claremont McKenna College campus, it is dedicated to increasing understanding and friendship across cultures. The center offers a variety of services for international students, scholars, and faculty, including new arrival help and orientation, and day and overnight trips for students to explore local sights. I-Place also offers educational programs and cultural events for the entire community, like the annual International Festival, the International Banquet, and the Lunch and Conversation Program, which highlights international-themed presentations. There are more than 800 citizens of more than 85 other countries at all seven Claremont colleges—the world truly comes together in Claremont.