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Award-winning poet Bruce Bond ’76, poetry editor for American Literary Review and professor of English at the University of North Texas, captures the human condition—and the “paradise of its ashes”—in this collection of poetry.
Etruscan Press, 2003 • 80 pages • $14.95

The French Encounter with Africans
White Response to Blacks, 1530-1880
In 1980, William B. Cohen ’62 released this pioneering study of the negative racial attitudes embedded in French colonial history, now republished after his death in 2002. Indiana University Press, 2003 • 392 pages • $24.95

Anglicans in Canada
Controversies and Identity in Historical Perspective
Alan L. Hayes ’67, an ordained priest in the Anglican Church of Canada, offers a comprehensive survey of the history of the church and of Anglican identity.
University of Illinois Press, 2004 • 336 pages • $30

Child psychologist Julia B. Levine ’81 reveals her gaze of beauty, loss, damage and redemption in her award-winning second collection of poetry. Her heartbreaking poems confront suffering with tender eyes.
University of Tampa Press, 2003 • 117 pages • $20 hardcover, $12 paperback

The Codex
Bestselling author Douglas Preston ’78 sends three brothers on a hunt for their inheritance. Their father, a notorious tomb robber, has buried his own vast treasure, including a Mayan codex that is priceless for more reasons than one.
Tom Doherty Associates, LLC, 2004 • 400 pages • $24.95

Charles Bargue and J.L. Gérôme, Drawing Course
Distributed by the Dahesh Museum of Art in the United States, this book is a reprint of the late 19th century Drawing Course. Edited by faculty emeritus Gerald M. Ackerman, the book introduces art students to realistic drawing.
ACR Edition, 2003 • 324 pages, 336 illustrations • $65 hardcover, $45 softcover

Nutcracker Nation
Jennifer Fisher, dance faculty, offers insight into this Christmas phenomenon. The Nutcracker ballet has been adopted by communities across the world and adapted by each to tell the story based on their cultural values.
Yale University Press, 2003 • 256 pages • $27 hardcover, $16 paperback

Becoming Neighbors in a Mexican American Community: Power, Conflict and Solidarity
Gilda L. Ochoa, associate professsor of sociology and Chicana/o studies, examines the often uneasy relationship between Mexican Americans and Mexican immigrants. University of Texas Press, 2004 • 312 pages • $55 hardcover, $21.95 paperback
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