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Big Wigs

The recipients of the 2004 Wig Awards represent the very best of the College.

Each year the Wig Distinguished Professorship Awards for Excellence in Teaching are presented to a select group of Pomona professors chosen by a vote of the junior and senior classes and confirmed by a committee of trustees, faculty and students. This year, the Wig Awards—established in 1955 by Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Wig—went to one relatively new face and four long-time student favorites who now own a combined total of 18 Wigs. Here are the Wig Award Winners for 2004:

Martha E. Andresen
Title: Phebe Estelle Spalding Professor of English
Member of the Pomona College faculty since: 1972
Number of Wigs: 7
Sample student comments:
  • “Dr. Andresen can make a biology major excited about Shakespeare.”
  • “At times, the resonance of her words speaks directly to a student’s personal life and every person’s struggle to come to terms with the world.”
  • “Her amazingly articulate, philosophically profound lectures never fail to be touching as well as informative. She is well-known for her compassion as well as her scholarship.”

Sidney J. Lemelle
Title: Professor of History and Black Studies, Chair of the History Department.
Member of the Pomona College faculty since: 1986
Number of Wigs: 3
Sample student comments:

  • “Professor Lemelle is an amazing teacher both in and out of the classroom.”
  • “My shelves are now filled with books that were mentioned in his classes but not assigned material.”
  • “He’s always a wonderful source of advice and insight. Just as importantly, he contributes to the campus community through his involvement with student organizations and events.”

Eleanor P. Brown
Title: James Irvine Professor of Economics, Co-coordinator of the Philosophy,
Politics and Economics Program
Member of the Pomona College faculty since: 1986
Number of Wigs: 4
Sample student comments:

  • “Professor Brown actually made econ fun and understandable for someone like myself that probably would have hated it otherwise.”
  • “Her lively down-to-earth lectures and personable character allow students access to economics as well as her office, where she is happy to help with difficulties.”
  • “She’s sneaky too. She’ll pose questions and tease along discussions that result in a self-realization of the lesson.”

Kenneth B. Wolf
Title: Professor of History
Member of the Pomona College faculty since: 1985
Number of Wigs: 4
Sample student comments:

  • “Professor Wolf is not only a brilliant instructor in class, but is always willing to put in extra time to continue the teaching-learning process outside of class.”
  • “Best lecturer I ever had. Makes history fascinating without simplifying the issues or shying away from their difficulties (as experienced by the average undergraduate). Simply shares and instills his passion for the topic.”
  • “If I succeed in becoming a professor in my own right, I will undoubtedly model my teaching after his.”

Gilda L. Ochoa
Title: Associate Professor of Sociology and Chicana/o Studies
Member of the Pomona College faculty since: 1997
Number of Wigs: 1
Sample student comments:

  • “Professor Ochoa provides not only the one-on-one commitment and attention, but she creates classrooms that incorporate multiple forms of knowledge and allows for all voices to be heard. No matter how tired we may be, she infuses her students with energy.”
  • “She leads some of the most dynamic conversations I have had at this college.”
  • “Her office hours are always overflowing with students for her classes, for mentorships or for outside projects.”
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