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Winter 2003
Volume 40, No. 2

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Community Spotlight: New Mexico

At the Inn of the Turquoise Bear

Regional communities plan events in cities where alumni are concentrated, but what about alumni in remote areas? A recent gathering of alumni in New Mexico serves as testimony to the power of Pomona gatherings, even in less-populated states.

“When I moved to New Mexico seven years ago, I proposed an alumni meeting, but it didn’t come together until just recently,” says Ralph Bolton ’61. Eventually, he hosted an afternoon gathering of Pomona people at his Santa Fe home, the Inn of the Turquoise Bear. Nothing special, but a real coup for a state in which there have been no local alumni events for years. Some even drove a good distance to attend, coming all the way from Albuquerque and Los Alamos.

Putting together an alumni event in a place with no existing regional community did not turn out to be as difficult as Bolton thought. Once he had the idea for a gathering, he approached the Alumni Office, which was able to locate a willing alumna, Elizabeth Pettus ’80, to take reservations and answer questions prior to the event. In the end, 30 of the 300 alumni in the state attended—proving that an alumni event was long overdue.

The gathering also revealed some interesting tales about Pomona alumni and how they came to live in New Mexico. The group was comprised mainly of New Mexico transplants who had come to the state for a variety of reasons. “Quite a few of the 1940s alumni came to New Mexico during or after World War II because of the Manhattan Project or other military service related jobs, and then they just stayed,” said Pettus.

Despite their varied backgrounds, Pettus observed that alumni at the gathering enjoyed their time together. “We are a mixed lot, but have a great deal in common as well.”

If you live in an area without an alumni regional community and would like to plan an event, contact the Alumni Office at for more information.

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