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The Great Sagehen Sports Quiz
When it comes to Pomona-Pitzer sports, are you a sagehen sage, a true-blue hen, a common chicken, a flightless fowl, or a silly goose? Take the quiz and find out ...

1. The oldest college football rivalry in Southern California is—surprise, surprise—Pomona vs. Occidental. When was the first of their many gridiron battles held?
a) 1895 b) 1901 c) 1913 d) 1928

2. Which event (and Sagehen athlete or athletes) was televised live in the early years of ESPN?
a) Dave Mason ’84 winning the 1984 West Region wrestling title.
b) Nick Buchan ’81 winning the 1981 NCAA Division III steeplechase title.
c) Susan Almassy ’79 and Lynn Judell ’80 playing doubles in the AIAW national tournament.
d) Mary Gentry ’83 winning the 1982 NCAA Division III 100 backstroke title.

3. Which of these Cecils has never been an official athletic insignia?

                   a)                              b)                      c)                      d)

4. Pomona athletes have always worn blue and white as the College colors, but the College’s official colors prior to 1893 were:
a) Blue and yellow b) Green and gold  c) Black and white d) Green and white

5. In 1991, Linda Alvarado ’73, president and CEO of Alvarado Construction, became
the first Latina to own a major league baseball team. She is part owner of what team:
a) Atlanta Braves
b) Seattle Mariners
c) Toronto Blue Jays
d) Colorado Rockies

6. The majority of the 2005-06 women’s softball team listed which television show as their favorite?
a) The OC
b) Desperate Housewives
c) Grey’s Anatomy
d) Lost

7. Which former Sagehen coach also served as mayor of Claremont in the 1970s?
a) Gary Troyer b) Ed Malan ’48 c) Mike Riskas d) Earl Merritt ’25

8. Darlene Hard ’61 is one of the greatest Wimbledon doubles champs of all times. How many championships did she win?
a) 3 b) 5 c) 7 d) 9

9. The first and only Sagehen NCAA Division III National team championship was won by which team?
a) 1954 men’s football team
b) 1985 women’s basketball team
c) 1986 men’s track & field team
d) 1992 women’s tennis team

10. In 1904, trustees established an annual athletic fee. This fee and the gate receipts at games defrayed all athletic expenses, including salaries of coaches. What was the fee?
a) $1 b) $2 c) $5 d) $10

11. In 1942, a group of Pomona pranksters set out to burn a “P” into the University of Redlands’ football field on the eve of a game, using black market gasoline. What crucial mistake did the pranksters make?
a) The prank took place during a wartime blackout, and the students were arrested by military police.
b) The fire got out of control and burned a nearby stand of wooden bleachers, leading to thousands of dollars in damage.
c) The students left behind their written plans—including their names.
d) The misdirected pranksters accidentally burned the “P” into the athletics field at nearby Redlands High School, not the university.

12. Which of the following is NOT true of the real Sagehen (aka the Greater Sage Grouse)?
a) Largest grouse in North America
b) Doesn’t fly
c) Famous for mating rituals
d) Females don’t feed their young

13. Roy Disney ’51 holds the monohull record for covering 2,225 miles in 7 days, 11 hours, 41 minutes and 27 seconds. What was the name of his 75-foot vessel in the 1999 Transpacific Yacht Race from Los Angeles to Honolulu?
a) Magic Dragon b) Shamrock c) Pyewacket d) Fantasia

14. Kris Kristofferson ’58 was quite successful during his stint at Pomona. Which of the following sports was he not involved in?
a) Swimming b) Rugby c) Football d) Boxing

15. Football resumed at Pomona in 1897 after a two-year hiatus. Why did the College temporarily abandon the program?
a) Football players were caught measuring cheerleader’s busts.
b) No funding.
c) Too hazardous.
d) Not enough male players.

16. Merritt Field was named for Earl Jay Merritt ’25, former football, track, baseball and basketball star hired in 1925 as freshman adviser and instructor of physical education. What was his nickname?
a) Buzz b) Fuzz c) Flash d) The Pearl

17. On Oct. 6, 1923, Pomona and USC played in the inaugural game at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. What was the final score?
a) Tie, 7–7
b) Pomona, 17–3
c) USC, 23–7
d) Scoreless, 0–0

18. Which women’s team was introduced in 1903 by Pomona to Southern California colleges, three years before the formation of the men’s team in that sport?

a) Volleyball b) Basketball
c) Soccer d) Swimming

19. In which year did the 10-year union of Pomona College and Claremont Men’s College as a single Pomona-Claremont athletic program begin?
a) 1947
b) 1951
c) 1957
d) 1961

20. Which of the following is NOT an actual pre-game cheer for a Sagehen varsity team?
a) “Let’s go P-P!”
b) “Cecil, Cecil, Cecil! At least, we’re not a Tiger!”
c) “Chirp!”
d) Soggy, soggy, soggy, SOGGY HENS!”

22. The decades passed with some change to the men’s baseball uniforms.
Match the team photos below with the correct dates. (4 points)

photo 1                           photo 2

photo 3                           photo 4

A. 1943 Photo #_____

B. 1958 Photo #_____

C. 1964 Photo #_____

D. 1979 Photo #_____

23. Which former Sagehen coach played on an undefeated, national title-winning UCLA football team, was inducted into the UCLA baseball Hall of Fame and coached the 2004 Greek national baseball team?
a) Mike Riskas
b) Eugene Nixon
c) Ed Malan ’48
d) Earl Merritt ’25

24. Which of these sports is NOT on the Pomona P.E./Athletics Department’s list of offered courses:
a) Volleyball b) Korfball c) Wallyball d) Pickleball

25. In which men’s track & field event does Pomona-Pitzer lead Division III in scoring at the National Championship meet?
a) Hammer throw
b) 3,000m steeplechase
c) High jump
d) Triple jump

26. What invention of Don Daglow ’74 is recorded in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York?
a) Chemgrass, later renamed Astroturf
b) The first molded-plastic bobblehead, depicting Pete Rose
c) The first baseball computer game, designed on a mainframe at Pomona
d) A fiberglass face guard that shields umpires from tobacco spit

27. 1991 Water Polo SCIAC Player of the Year Robert “Barney” Grubbs ’93 has a famous father. Which of the following is Robert H. Grubbs’ claim to fame?
a) Pulitzer Prize in Nonfiction
b) Nobel Prize in Chemistry
c) MacArthur Genius Grant
d) Congressional Medal of Honor

28. What is the record, held by Allan McCall ’70, for longest field goal in Sagehen football?
a) 47 yards b) 50 yards c) 54 yards d) 61 yards

29. When runner Elaine McGlaughlin ’08 was young, she claims she wanted to be:
a) An astronaut
b) A taxi driver
c) A lawyer
d) President of the U.S.A.

30. Which one of these varsity coaches graduated from Pomona College?
a) Jen Scanlon, women’s soccer
b) Pat Mulcahy, men’s track and cross country
c) Val Cowan, women’s volleyball
d) Frank Pericolosi, men’s baseball

31. Harry Kingman ’13 played four baseball games in the major leagues. Which team did he play for?
a) Brooklyn Dodgers
b) Chicago White Sox
c) New York Yankees
d) Washington Senators

32. Jase Turner ’05 hit a homerun and a double in his first minor-league baseball game, playing for the:
a) Savannah Sand Gnats
b) Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
c) Idaho Falls Chukars
d) Rancho Cucamonga Quakes

33. How many SCIAC games in a row did the women’s basketball team win from 1981 to 1986?
a) 29 b) 36 c) 47 d) 53

34. What are the two most popular majors for varsity athletes?
a) Physics and Chemistry
b) Economics and Biology
c) Geology and Psychology
d) Sociology and Math

35. How much higher is the average GPA of all students at Pomona than the average GPA of varsity athletes over the last six semesters (on a 12-point scale)?
a) 0.01 b) 0.37 c) 0.84 d) 1.27

36. The Pomona-Occidental rivalry led to many traditions, including the Pajamarino. Though the Pajamarino is no longer held on campus, what exactly was it?
a) March of pajama-clad male students through campus.
b) Female students in their PJs running through the Quad.
c) A pre-game parade with floats.
d) A coed pajama party held at Pomona and Occidental during alternate years.

37. The gravity-defying flubber of 1961’s The Absent-Minded Professor gave the Medfield College basketball team the victory in our own Renwick Gym. What was the game’s final score?
a) 47-21 b) 40-21 c) 47-46 d) 47-0

38. The women’s tennis team wore this smock-like uniform in which year?

a) 1968-69

b) 1976-77

c) 1983-84

d) 1995-96

39. Of the Sagehen football coaches who coached more than two seasons, who has the highest winning percentage?

a) Earl J. Merritt ’25
b) Eugene Nixon
c) Walt Ambord
d) Roger Caron

40. The Sagehen football team holds an all-time series winning record over which institution?

a) Cal Lutheran b) UCLA c) La Verne d) Whittier

41. The most recent alum to be drafted into the NFL is Nate Kirtman ’92. Which team drafted him?

a) The Indianopolis Colts
b) The Pittsburgh Steelers
c) The Oakland Raiders
d) The Dallas Cowboys

42. How many pounds of ice per day does the training room use during the fall preseason practices before classes start?

a) 500 b) 1,000 c) 2,000 d) 3,000

43. There’s a great tradition of pranks associated with sports rivalries. How many tires did the opponent frosh class stack up over the flagpole before the football game between Pomona and Claremont-Mudd in 1966?

a) 47 b) 55 c) 66 d) 77

44. Though the name Sagehens stuck, Pomona teams have been called all but which one of the following?

a) Blue & White
b) Sagebrush Chickens
c) Sagebrushers
d) Sage Grouse

47. The winner of the annual football game between Pomona-Pitzer and Claremont-Mudd-Scripps receives The Peace Pipe. Name one other annual trophy exchanged when Sagehen teams play cross-campus rival CMS?

a) Women’s track & field—The Peace Baton
b) Men’s soccer—The Golden Boot
c) Women’s volleyball—The Harmony Mug
d) Men’s basketball—The Sixth Street Jersey

There are 47 questions in the Quiz. Questions #22 and #45 are worth four points each, bringing the possible total to 53 points.

1. a

2. b

3. d

4. b

5. d

6. a

7. b

8. c

9. d

10. c

11. c

12. b

13. c.

14. a

15. c

16. b

17. c

18. b

19. a

20. b

21. c

22. A-3




23. a

24. b

25. d

26. c

27. b

28. b

29. b

30. b

31. c

32. c

33. d

34 b

35. a

36. a

37. c

38. d

39. a

40. b

41. d

42. d

43. c

44. d

45. A-2




46. c

47. b

0 – 10

Are you sure we’re talking about the same college?

11 – 20

You never attended a game, but you can spell ‘sports.’

21 – 31

You’re no more clueless than most Pomona-Pitzer fans.

32 – 42

You perk up whenever you hear the word ‘Chirp!’

43 – 53

Want to be athletic director?
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