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Interactions:Enrique Martinez Celaya and Francisco Goya Janet Neuwalder and Jessica Newman-Skrentny Sheila Pinkel and Michael Miller Mercedes Teixido and James Sheehan

September 25 - December 13, 1998

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 24, 6-8 PM

No artist creates in a vacuum. Each work of art, while expressing the uniqueness of its maker, also reflects a context that is, at least in part, artistic. Examining that context--an artist's sources, influences, relationships--can expand our understanding of an individual's art.

This exhibition of recent work by members of the Pomona College studio art faculty explores these formative interactions by juxtaposing the work of each faculty member with that of another artist--living or historical--whose work has been influential or relates instructively to his/her own. This approach will, it is hoped, shed new light on the work of our faculty and demonstrate some of the ways in which artists' work reflects and responds to other art.