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Pomona Welcomes Six New Faculty Members

Pomona College, one of the nation’s top-ranked liberal arts colleges, has hired six new faculty for the 2003-2004 school year. They are Jennifer Friendlander, Stephanie Harves, Frank Pericolosi, Jennifer Scanlon, Slavi Slavov, and Olga Vaysman.

Oona Eisenstadt, Fred Krinsky Professor of Jewish studies and Assistant Professor of religious studies, will teach Jewish Mysticism and Modern Jewish Thought starting in spring 2004. Eisenstadt specializes in contemporary continental philosophy, modern Jewish philosophy, and Judaism and political theory. She has published Driven Back to the Text: The Premodern Sources of Levinas’s Postmodernism (Duquesne University Press, 2001), in addition to articles in Derrida’s Bible, Politics, Philosophy, Writing: Plato’s Art of Caring for Souls, and in the journals Crosscurrents and The Journal of the American Academy of Religion. Eisenstadt earned both her undergraduate and doctorate degrees from McMaster University.

Jennifer Friendlander, an assistant professor of art and art history, teaches Introduction to Media Studies, Media Theory, and a senior seminar in media studies. Her research and articles focus on contemporary art controversies, cultural studies, film theory, and psychoanalytic theory. She combines the fields to "explore ways in which media and cultural products not only create and embody social and economic practices, but also precipitate viewer anxieties and pleasures." She seeks to bring cultural studies together with psychoanalysis in order to "bridge the cultural with the psychic." She has published a number of articles, including most recently, "How Should a Woman Look? Scopic Strategies for Sexuated Subjects, " in the Journal for Psychoanalysis of Society and Culture. She earned her Ph.D, in communication and rhetoric, and a certificate in cultural studies from the University of Pittsburgh, and her B.A. degree, magna cum laude, in literature and rhetoric from Binghamton University.

Assistant Professor of German and Russian Stephanie Harves teaches the courses Language and Thought, Acquisition of Language, Comparative Slavic/Germanic Linguistics, and Elementary Russian. Her research and articles focus on Slavic syntax and morphosyntax, the syntax-semantics interface, argument structure and agreement in Russian. Using a Chomskyian model of syntax, she has been closely studying the syntax of Slavic languages in order to understand underlying, or “innate,” principles of language. Her articles have been published in Journal of Slavic Linguistics and Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics. She earned her Ph.D in general and Slavic linguistics from Princeton University, as well as a M.A. in Slavic linguistics from the University of Michigan and a B.A. in Russian Language and Literature from Grinnell College.

Frank L. Pericolosi has been named assistant professor of physical education and head baseball coach. During 2002-2003, he served as Pomona’s assistant football coach and the interim head baseball coach. He also teaches courses in Beginning Archery, Weight Training, and Racquetball. Most recently, Pericolosi served as the Varsity Baseball Coach at The International School of Brussels, Brussels Belgium, and coached at the top level of baseball in Belgium, as the Seniors Head Coach at Brussels Kangaroos Baseball Club. This past summer, he served as an envoy coach for Major League Baseball in Sweden and Denmark. There he hosted clinics in playing and coaching baseball, as well as promoting the game. He completed his M.Ed. in physical education with a concentration in sports management from Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts, and his B.A. in history from Williams College.

Assistant Professor of Physical Education Jennifer Scanlon is coaching the Pomona-Pitzer women’s soccer team and teaches courses in Weight Training, Archery, and Speed and Agility. Her research interests include girls and women in sports; speed and agility training; and strength and conditioning. For her recently completed thesis, Scanlon focused on the influences on girls' playground behavior and activity choices. Professor Scanlon completed her M.S. in kinesiology at the University of New Hampshire, and her B.A. in history from Macalester College in St. Paul, MN.

Assistant Professor of Economics Slavi Slavov teaches Macroeconomic Theory and International Economics. He researches Eastern Europe, its economic transition in the last few years, the relationship of Eastern countries to the European Union, and ways that smaller countries can manage their exchange rates to protect themselves the impact of UN sanctions on third-world countries, and the impact of the introduction of the euro on prices and exchange rate pass-through in the Euro-zone. He received his Ph.D in general and Slavic linguistics from Princeton University, and his B.A. in economics and political science from Grinnell College.

Instructor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science Olga Vaysman teaches Introduction to the Study of Language, Language Change and Variation, and Introduction to Phonology. She specializes in Slavic languages, specifically the more obscure languages such as Nganasan (Western Siberia in Tamyr Peninsula) and Eastern and Western branches of the Mari languages indigenous to the Ural mountain region. She has done fieldwork in phonology in both of these areas. Her articles have been published in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, and in two editions of the Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society. Vaysman is completing her Ph.D. in linguistics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and earned her B.A. in linguistics from Cornell University.