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Pomona College Student Wins Prestigious Fellowship

Pomona College student Jennifer Nado ’04 has won a prestigious Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship in the Humanistic Studies. The award includes tuition and fees for first year Ph.D. program studies at a graduate school, and a $17,500 stipend. Nado is one of 85 recipients from a pool of approximately 800 applicants.

In the fall, Nado will attend Rutgers University, where she will begin her work towards a Ph.D. in philosophy with a certificate in cognitive science. Her eventual goal is to teach philosophy at the university level.

A philosophy major at Pomona College, Nado is most interested in philosophy of mind. This would include topics such as how consciousness fits in with a scientific picture of the world, how we know that other people are conscious, and how to make sense of the ways in which the brain extracts and makes use of information from its environment. Realizing that these are scientific issues in addition to philosophical problems, “I have a very empirical approach to philosophy,” Nado says. Because of this, she takes classes in psychology, cognitive science, and linguistics in addition to her philosophy courses and is thereby able to gain a more complete perspective on the questions that philosophy of mind raises.

During her time at Pomona, Nado has served the Philosophy Department in a variety of ways including grading for an introductory logic class and serving as a member of the department’s hiring committee. She holds a research-assistant-type position for the department office and is also a department student liaison.