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China's growing clout will be focus of campus events on Sept. 28 & 29.

Joshua Kurlantzick, foreign editor of the influential magazine The New Republic, will speak on China’s growing diplomatic power and the consequences for international foreign policy, on Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 5:30 pm. The talk is open to the public and will be held in the Frank Dining Hall's Blue Room. There is no charge to attend the lecture.

Kurlantzick joined The New Republic as foreign editor in October 2002. Prior to working for the New Republic, Kurlantzick covered international economics and trade for U.S. News and World Report and Southeast Asia for The Economist as a correspondent based in Bangkok, Thailand.

The event is sponsored by the Pomona Student Union, a non-partisan student organization dedicated to "raising the level of honest and open dialogue on campus."

Meanwhile, on Sept. 29, the Pacific Basin Institute at Pomona College will host a talk by Akio Kawato, a veteran Japanese diplomat who has served in Russia, the United States, Germany and, most recently, as envoy to Uzbekistan. Kawato will present a careful review of China’s evolution —from a Japanese perspective. He advocates retaining the U.S.-Japan alliance, but feels that it should be connected with a multilateral Asian security network, with China also playing a significant role. The event is set for 4:15 p.m. in the Hahn Building, Room 101, and is open to the public.