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"Jesus for President" Pomona College Lecture on a Constitutional Amendment on Age Qualifications for Federal Office

John Seery, Pomona College professor of politics, will examine the case for a constitutional amendment eliminating age qualifications for those elected to federal office, as part of the Pomona College Fall Faculty Lecture Series on Wednesday, October 5.

Seery, who is working on a book about the subject, notes that current law sets minimum age requirements for federal office at 25 for the House, 30 for the Senate and 35 for the Presidency.

Seery has twice won the College’s Wig Distinguished Teaching Award and was recognized in Who’s Who Among the Nation’s Teachers in 1998. His research covers a range of topics — from the hotly contested issues of abortion and the right to die movement to irony and comedy in politics. His books include titles such as Political Returns: Irony in Politics and Theory from Plato to the Antinuclear Movement and Political Theory for Mortals: Shades of Justice, Images of Death.

The lecture begins at 12:10 p.m. in the Frank Dining Hall Blue Room (260 E. Bonita Avenue, Claremont). Lunch is available for purchase. For further information contact: (909) 621-8328.

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