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KSPC Celebrates 50 Years of Community Service and Eclectic Music

It’s a sleep-in Saturday morning, and Pomona College’s cutting-edge radio station KSPC (88.7 FM) is rousing students from their slumber with … polka music? That’s right. We’re talking accordions and oompah-pah from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

The station has built its reputation on spinning underground, ultra-alternative music. But KSPC also plays a role in the wider community, providing a home for programming niches ranging from old-fashioned comedy to classic rock to hip hop. As ready-bake radio formats reach even the smallest markets, college stations such as KSPC are some of the few places left on the dial where quirky eclecticism still reigns, where polka can peacefully co-exist with Goth. Public service announcements about community events are another important part of the mix.

KSPC celebrates its 50th birthday on February 12, but its mission hasn’t strayed from that laid out by co-founder Terry Drinkwater '58 in the station’s inaugural broadcast: “We don’t feel that it is the purpose of KSPC merely to duplicate programming already available on other radio stations, but rather to provide our listeners with a desirable type of programming not readily available in the area."