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Away to the U.K.: Three Pomona Seniors Headed to Cambridge

Daniel Hickstein, a Pomona College senior, has been named one of only 12 Winston Churchill Scholars. The Churchill Scholarship provides approximately $50,000 for one year of study and research at Churchill College at the University of Cambridge.

Hickstein, a chemistry major with a math minor, will use his scholarship to earn a Master’s degree in physics. His research will focus on the interaction of x-rays with crystals to explain why some molecules have interesting and useful optical properties.  As a student at Pomona College, Hickstein conducted research with chemistry Professor Daniel O’Leary and co-authored articles that were published in the Journal of American Chemical Society and Heterocycles.

Meanwhile, Pomona seniors Evan Hall and Sylvan Long have been awarded the Downing Scholarship, which underwrites a one-year exchange to Downing College at the University of Cambridge. The program is a special arrangement between Pomona and Downing College.

Hall, a chemistry major from Kenmore, Washington, will earn his Master’s in Philosophy in Biological Science degree and focus his research on quorum sensing, or the way bacteria communicate with each other. His ultimate goal is to work in medicine, either in research or practice.

Long, a geology major from Spokane, Washington, will pursue a Master’s in Philosophy in Polar Studies at the Scott Polar Research Institute, an affiliate of the University’s Department of Geography and Earth Sciences.  After earning his M.Phil., he plans to take time off and then pursue a Ph.D. in hydrogeology or another environmentally-focused area of geology.