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Film Buff Alex Glassmann '10 Reviews Claremont's New Movie Theatre

With many businesses already open, workers are close to completing the long-awaited expansion of the Claremont Village west of Indian Hill Boulevard, bringing new restaurants, shops, a boutique hotel and the town's first movie house in nearly 30 years. The Laemmle Theatres opened this summer, bringing a mix of indie and foreign films to town, along with a few mainstream Hollywood hits. We sent film buff Alex Glassmann '10 to review everything but the movie:

"Although the five-screen Laemmle isn't huge by L.A. standards, it offers everything that bigger complexes do. The lobby has a large concession stand, with what looks like the usual movie fare (I didn’t have time to buy anything since I was rushing from class to get to the last matinee showing of 3:10 to Yuma).

The seats are up to industry standards – plush and comfortable, with arm rests that flip up should you wish to sprawl out. The screen was impressive considering the size of the building, and, thankfully, the projector was not the low-resolution LCD that many newer theatres have.

The sound was the most impressive part. Rarely does a moviegoer encounter well-tuned speakers – they're either too loud or too soft. Laemmle didn't go cheap – whispers were clean and crisp and gunshots (and there were a lot of them) came through powerfully without killing your ears."