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Tennis Coach Ann Lebedeff Reaches 500th Victory

Pomona-Pitzer head women’s tennis coach Ann Lebedeff reached a career milestone last Saturday with her 500th victorious career tennis match. The milestone was realized with a 7-0 win over conference foe Caltech.

Lebedeff only recently realized she was coming up on this milestone when the Intercollegiate Tennis Association, of which she’s a board member, began asking long-time coaches about their records. She then started gathering her stats and crunching numbers, but didn't actually realize the 500th victory happened until after it passed. For Lebedeff, however, people are more important than numbers. ”The whole thing about coaching and milestones is really about the people you [coach], the people you affect and how they affect you,” says Lebedoff.

In a career that spans more than 30 years and three divisions, Coach Lebedeff has established herself as one of the finest coaches in the country, succeeding at the University of Arizona (1977-1985), Cal Poly Pomona (1989-98), and Pomona-Pitzer (1998-present). At Division I University of Arizona, Lebedeff's overall record was 140-102, a 58-percent winning record. At Cal Poly Pomona, Coach Lebedeff went 160-72 with the women's team, capturing the 1991 and 1992 Division II NCAA Championships. From 1993-98, Lebedeff also coached the Cal Poly men's team, going 70-43 during that span.

Most recently, at Pomona-Pitzer, Lebedeff has gone 130-88, capturing the SCIAC title four times, and advancing to the team portion of the Division III Women's Tennis National Championships seven times in 10 years.

Lebedeff received her B.A. in Nutrition and M.A. in Exercise Science from San Diego State University. She earned her Ph.D. in Athletic Administration and Higher Education from the University of Southern California. A former nationally ranked junior and collegiate player, Lebedeff won numerous national doubles titles, including the 1974 USTA National Women's Intercollegiate Doubles title, the 1970 New Zealand Women's Doubles Championship, and the U.S. Amateur Clay and Grass Courts Doubles titles in 1972.

As a coach and professor, Lebedeff has received many awards, including NCAA Coach of the Year Awards (1990, 1992, 2001), Coach of the Decade for Division II Women's Tennis, and a Tennis Educational Merit Award in 1999.