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New Foreign Language Resource Center Officially Open

Picture the language lab of yore: Students, hunkered down in headphones, staring at a computer monitor, cut off from their peers just sitting inches away. Now, visit the new Foreign Language Resource Center (FLRC), located in Mason Hall, Room 101. The room is full of curves, cozy chairs, computer stations that invite collaboration, moveable walls that can act as partitions, white boards, or even space for an exhibition. Everything is on casters, allowing the room to be continually modified based on the ever-changing needs of its users.

“This is a mixed-use social space,” explains Felix Kronenberg, assistant professor of German and manager of the FLRC. “The architects really made this a signature project. We wanted to make it not look like a computer lab, but a place you enjoy being in.”

The FLRC, which was funded with a $200,000 Arthur Vining Davis Foundations Grant, has been open since last spring in a sort of beta mode, but is having its official grand opening the afternoon of September 10.