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Professor Richard Hazlett's Book Selected a "Best Book of 2008" by

The American West at Risk: Science, Myths, and the Politics of Land Abuse and Recovery, written by Richard Hazlett, the Stephen M. Pauley M.D. ’62 Professor of Environmental Studies and Professor of Geology at Pomona College; Howard G. Wilshire; and Jane E. Nielson, was recently selected by as one of its “Best Books of 2008: Top 10 Books: Outdoors and Nature.”

Published by Oxford University in June 2008, The American West at Risk is a science-based guide that summarizes the dominant human-caused environmental challenges in the western United States, the role of natural earth processes in spreading negative impacts, the risks to remaining resources, and potential strategies to “salvage what is left and rebuild western lifelines.”

"The authors, using their broad and unchallengeable expertise, have produced a book that actively seeks out crises and battlegrounds where good science exists and needs to be applied, and civic policy lessons drawn,” notes Zygmunt J. B. Plater, professor of law at Boston College Law School and lead author of Environmental Law & Policy - Nature, Law & Societyy. “It is one of those rare works written by people of science who--like Theo Colburn, Rachel Carson, and too few others--are impelled to be citizens as well as scientists."

According to reviewer Andrew Kishner, “What's truly valuable about this book is that the information that the authors distilled into it is so pertinent and relevant yet usually impossible to find in one place with such clarity and detail.”

Another faculty book also receiving attention as of late is Passionate Uprisings: Iran’s Sexual Revolution, written by Assistant Professor of Anthropology Pardis Mahdavi and published by Stanford University Press in October 2008. In the book, the author argues that the social and sexual practices of the urban young adults, who comprise two-thirds of Iran's population, constitute a form of political dissent and rebellion.

Mahdavi has been interviewed about the book and her research in Iran on “Good Morning America” and by both BBC World News and KPFA Public Radio in Berkeley, California. The book has been reviewed by Publisher’s Weekly and The Chronicle of Higher Education.