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Gumby Creator Art Clokey Dies at 88

Gumby creator Art Clokey '43 died on Saturday at the age of 88. While Clokey didn't finish his bachelor's degree at Pomona College, he had a strong connection to the College. Clokey's early life was marked by tragedy. Born in Detroit in 1921, Clokey's father died when Clokey was eight years old. His mother moved him to California, but soon she and her new husband abandoned him. According to the L.A. Times, he lived in a halfway house until he was 11 when Pomona College music professor and composer Joseph W. Clokey adopted him.

Clokey attended the Webb School, where he developed a love of adventure during its annual fossil hunting expedition. He began his geology studies at Pomona College, but didn't finish his degree. We surmise that WWII interrupted his studies. He conducted photo reconnaissance over North Africa and France during the war.

To read more about Clokey's life, please visit the L.A. Times obituary. Visit YouTube to view a Gumby video set to music composed by Joseph Clokey.

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