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Welcome to the New Pomona College Web Site!

Welcome to Our New Web!

We are proud to announce the launch of the latest iteration of This is by far the biggest change has seen, and we'd like to show you around a bit.

More interactivity

Click around our home page. You'll find a wealth of new content, including an interactive campus map that features fun Pomoniana facts, an updated Pomona People section where you can get to know our students, and videos highlighting research projects and the arts. You can read additional information by scrolling over tool tips (those little green boxes) throughout the site, including links. Visit our secondary home pages like Academics or Admissions, and you can view an image gallery of photos from campus--just click on the small photo navigation bar.

Intuitive Navigation and Meaningful Organization

explanation of Pomona College web icons

Legend for Pomona College's navigational icons

One of our main goals with this site was to make it easier to find things. We've not just retooled the way our navigation works with our collapsible folder structure, but during the migration of our pages, we looked at every page to determine where it should logically appear. Our search engine is the same but our pages have been retooled to maintain high quality meta data which will improve  search results, and you can always find what you're looking for using our site map.

It's also easy to figure out where you're going and where you are. Every link has a navigation icon that tells you if you're opening a page in the section you're presently in, if you're moving to another section of the site or if you're clicking on an external link outside of the Pomona web. Also, in the upper left corner of the page, you'll find a link to the home page of the section you're in, and our left-hand navigation always opens up to the specific section or subsection you're visiting.

Manipulate and Share

On each of our content pages in the upper right corner, you'll find tools that will allow you to increase or decrease the size of the text; access a printer-friendly version of the page; share it via email, Digg, Facebook,, MySpace or Twitter; and navigate to Pomona's RSS feed. Click on images with plus-sign icons to view larger, high-resolution photos viewable without having having navigate away from the current page.

News: Categorized and Streamlined

Our new-and-improved news section lets you view the headlines and highlights from several news stories all on one page, and you can sort the news by the category you're most interested in. You can find our latest Twitter posts on this page, as well as links to events. We're also featuring our news throughout the site on all our secondary home pages.

Explore, Follow and Connect

Pomona's social networking accounts are now available on the bottom right of every page. You can view recent photos from our Flickr account, follow the latest news on Twitter, watch videos on YouTube, and connect with other Sagehens on Facebook and MySpace.

Please share any thoughts or questions you have regarding the new site at

Having Trouble?

If you can't find what you're looking for, here are a few tips:

  • Check the Administration tab. You can find every Pomona College office that has a Web site in that section. If you're searching for an academic department Web, visit our Academics section.
  • Use the Google search feature at the top of each page.
  • Visit our site map, which is an alphabetical, contextually structured list of our entire site. (There is a link to the site map at the bottom of each page.)
  • If you're looking for contact information for a particular office or person on the Pomona campus, click the Contact Us link in the page footer.
  • Ask us! Send an email to

A Brief History

The last time the Pomona College Web was redesigned was back in 2003, which, in internet time, equals about a quarter-century ago. The way we managed our Web was also outdated.

In 2008, we launched a redesigned Admissions site with vastly improved collapsible navigation and a more attractive interface with larger photos. Our new site is based off that design, but let's call it Admissions Design 2.0--we've refined and polished that original design and added more tools, a completely rebuilt site structure, a reinvented home page, and interactive features.

We are now using Hannon Hill's Cascade Server, a robust content-management system that allows us to easily make site-wide changes that affect thousands of pages in only a few steps. Cascade also allows easier site management on a user level, i.e., Pomona staff in other departments who update their own pages, as well as better metadata management. This means not only will it be easier to find pages through our own site search improved, but we'll also hopefully gain better traction in search engines. (Please note that it takes some time for Google to re-index pages, so these search improvements may not show up immediately.)

The Future

This is just the first step in our efforts to bring you the best possible Web site for Pomona College. We plan to continue adding more interactive features to the site, including more videos and image galleries. We will also continue to improve our social media efforts and integration, and explore creating a mobile-device-friendly version of the site.

The Technical Stuff

Pomona's website has been engineered in accordance with current web standards and practices as prescribed by The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Yahoo's Best Web Practices. makes use of the jQuery javascript library as the underlying framework for interactivity and enhanced functionality, utilizing the following jQuery plugins: Flowplayer, qTip, Shadowbox, and the official Validation plugin.