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Pomona College Ranked #2 Most Desirable Small School and #11 Overall Desirable School by "Newsweek"

Newsweek has declared what our students already know: Pomona College is quite desirable. In Newsweek’s 2010 College Ranking, Pomona College is the #2 Most Desirable Small School and #11 overall Most Desirable School, making it the highest-ranking liberal arts college on the main list.

Pomona also received rankings of #4 for most desirable suburban school, #5 for great weather, #13 for gay-friendliness, #15 for brainiacs, and #20 for most diverse.

Harvard led the overall Most Desirable list, while Cooper Union was #1 on the Most Desirable Small School list.

Newsweek’s profile of Pomona College states we are “small in size…big on diversity, bright students and kudos.” Our “50/50 gender breakdown, gay-friendly atmosphere, and racially, geographically and socioeconomically mixed student body makes Pomona the 20th most diverse school and the 13th among the best gay-friendly schools on Newsweek’s lists” and that our 16-percent acceptance rate and high average ACT and SAT scores of applicants “helps explain why Pomona College is No. 15 on the list of schools for brainiacs.”

The 757 schools ranked were drawn from the three leading college guides on the market, had to have 75th percentile SAT (or ACT) scores for incoming freshman and had to offer a range of degrees. The Most Desirable rankings were based on the academic credentials of admitted students, how difficult it is to get into the school, and quality of academic and non-academic life at the school, including retention rate, student-to-faculty ratio, student opinions, and other factors.

The “brainiacs” listing also included data on college and post-grad achievements like how many students earn their Ph.D.’s; receive prestigious scholarships, awards and fellowships; or earn a Nobel Prize, MacArthur Award or Guggenheim Fellowship. For more information on the all the rankings' methodology, visit the Newsweek site.