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"Art After Hours" Thursdays at the Pomona College Museum of Art

Students at Art After Hours

The Pomona College Museum of Art is now open for “Art After Hours,” on Thursdays from 5-11 p.m., through Dec. 2, 2010. “Art After Hours” features lectures, panels, workshops, concerts, spoken word, DJs and film screenings in conjunction with museum exhibitions.

The Museum's primary goal for Art After Hours, says Kathleen Howe, director of the Museum, is “to demonstrate that arts are an integral part of life, open to all, and worth participating in.”

The vision is for the Museum to work with students and campus groups—whether to serve as a space for student presentations and performances, or as a partner in developing events. According to Museum Coordinator Jessica Wimbley, “One of the reasons we want student groups involved is that we want students to feel ownership of the Museum, of the After Hours program, and of the experience they’re having in the space.” Building more partnerships with student groups on campus is at heart of this program.

Future Events:

  • 9/30
    The Museum is partnering with Studio 47, an on-campus experimental film group, and Symposium, to present some of Studio 47’s archived footage looped into a new two-hour video.
  • 10/7 – 8 p.m.
    Conversation with artist Steve Roden and Michael Ned Holte, followed by a reception.
  • 10/14, Founder's Day
    Student dance performance in Steve Roden’s installation and student band performance.
  • 11/4
    Spoken word event with VOICES. Talk and reception with artist Mowry Baden.
  • 11/18
    Conversation with artists Steve Roden and M.A. Peers, moderated by Doug Harvey.

The first Art After Hours event on September 2 was attended by 268 visitors who came into the Museum and an estimated 70 more who listened to music in the courtyard. “We were delighted by the number and enthusiasm of students and their willingness to get involved,” said Howe, “and we also welcomed adult visitors from the community who took advantage of the extended hours.” So far, within 3 weeks, nearly 500 visitors total have attended the series.

The Art After Hours program is the result of a survey of students, faculty and staff, conducted last spring. The conclusion was a mandate and manifesto of sorts for “Art After Hours.” In summary it came to this: a desire for a space that is inclusive and creative, a site that is catalytic not passive.

“Art After Hours is a lot of things-it's a time and place and a panoply of programs,” explains Howe, the Museum director. “But I think of it as putting out the welcome mat to our students and communities.”