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Professor Sara Owsley Sood's Research Is the Subject of a "Scientific American" Online Article

Prof. Sara Owsley Sood's research on web content and emotion with Elizabeth Churchill, a principal research scientist at Yahoo, is the subject of the September 29 article, “Sentiment-sensing software could aid in weeding hostile online comments,” in the online version of Scientific American.

Their research team has developed a “sentiment engine” to analyze the works used across comment threads. “The researchers distinguished off-topic negative comments from on-topic negative comments that, while critical, are offered in the spirit of debate,” explains the article.

“The approach was to combine relevance analyses for detecting on and off-topic comments with sentiment detection methods that broke comments down into three broad categories: happy, sad and angry.
Sentiment analysis is a Web site-specific problem—the same words that are perfectly fine to describe the weather (cold, hot, etc.) have a different meaning when they are used to describe people, for example.”

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