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Professor of Anthropology Dru Gladney Quoted in the L.A. Times

Kashgar, China, slated to become a specially designated economic zone, has been a market crossroads on the Silk Road for centuries. China wishes to transform the city into an economic and manufacturing power, but residents are leery. This area has been primarily populated by Uighurs, "a Turkic people whose language, appearance and Islamic faith more closely link them to Central Asia than to Beijing," says the November 17 L.A. Times article. But recently the Uighur population has dropped as more Han Chinese have migrated to the city. In the article, anthropology professor Dru Gladney weighs in on the likelihood that outside investors will hire local Uighurs or even Han for the jobs that will spring out of this economic development: "If these guys are coming from Wenzhou to invest in Kashgar from outside, they're going to hire people from Wenzhou. That's how it works in China," Gladney said.

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