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Claremont Colleges Among Recipients of Grant to Improve Mental Health Services for Students

The Claremont Colleges, in partnership with the Claremont School of Theology, the University of La Verne and Cal Poly Pomona, have received a $235,000 grant by the California Department of Mental Health to develop new programs to support student well-being and emotional health.

“We want to give our students information and tools that will help them recognize symptoms of distress, get help for themselves or for someone else, and learn lifelong skills for taking care of their overall well-being,” said Marcelle Holmes, associate dean of students and dean of women at Pomona College.

The Claremont Colleges’ Monsour Counseling Center initiated the proposal, and in collaboration with the other colleges determined the need for a multi-campus campaign, given several demonstrated factors, including:

  • The need to provide additional support as students face greater levels of stress;
  • to encourage healthy behavior and empower students with life skills to promote emotional stability;
  • and to equip students’ families to better assist their children when distressed.

The campuses will create both shared and individual programs for the students’ benefit, beginning by determining how to collectively improve communication with students. Other campaign activities will include orientation sessions for students and their families, handbooks for parents, training sessions for faculty, staff and administrators, developing peer-run support groups, and implementing web-based and technological resources such as DVDs, phone applications and webinars.

“[There will be] a particular emphasis on strengthening students' self-efficacy and resiliency,” said Denise Hayes, vice president for student affairs for the Claremont University Consortium.