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Pomona Student Union Presents Panel on Expertise: "10,000 Hours: Does Practice Make Perfect?"

The Pomona Student Union will present a panel on the topic of expertise, titled “10,000 Hours: Does Practice Make Perfect?” on Thursday, October 6 at 7 p.m. in Pomona College’s Rose Hills Theatre (170 E. Sixth St., Claremont).  Psychologists Anders Ericsson (Florida State University) and Dean Simonton (UC Davis) will speak.

Ericsson’s current research examines how experts deliberately practice to acquire and maintain excellence in their field. He is the author of Development of Professional Expertise: Toward Measurement of Expert Performance (2009), praised by Malcolm Gladwell (author of The Tipping Point and Outliers) as an inspiration: “…It changed forever the way I thought about the meaning and importance of talent. No one has done more to deepen our understanding of what it takes to master a task.” Ericcson also co-wrote and edited Expert Performance in Sports: Advances in Research on Sport Expertise (2003).

Simonton has written more than 300 publications about his research on genius, creativity and leadership. His books include Creativity in Science (2004), Origins of Genius (1999), Why Presidents Succeed (1987) and Genius, Creativity and Leadership (1984). Publishers Weekly reviewed Origins of Genius as, “A fascinating treatise leavened with candid descriptions by Einstein, Nietzsche, Mozart, Darwin, Poe, Linus Pauling and many others of their own creative processes...[it is] likely to generate controversy but also has the potential to influence how we think about the human mind.”

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