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Annual Brackett Observatory Open House Offers Opportunity to View Jupiter

Pomona College’s Brackett Observatory will have its annual open house on Thursday, October 27 from 9-11 p.m., coinciding with the night when Jupiter makes its closest approach this year. This event is free and open to the public. Brackett Observatory is located at 400 N. Amherst Drive.

Jupiter is visible for a good fraction of each year, but it is only during the ‘opposition’ that is at its closest and brightest, said Pomona College Professor of Astronomy Bryan Penprase, the director of the observatory.

“At this point, Earth is ‘passing’ Jupiter, and it is most beautiful, and its interesting bands of clouds and satellites are easily viewed. During opposition Jupiter appears to be at its biggest, which is a full 47 arcseconds.  Each year Jupiter advances 1/12 of the way across the sky so its opposition occurs in a different place and month. This year it is nicely timed for fall viewing and is the brightest and most spectacular object in the sky, rising about 8 p.m. and reaching its brightest near midnight.”

For more information, contact: (909) 621-8724.