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"The Student Life" Wins Ford's Students With Drive Competition for Zipcar Credit

An image of a Zipcar on the Pomona College campus

The Student Life, Pomona's weekly student newspaper, won the December 2011 Students with Drive competition, receiving $5,500 Zipcar share credit from Zipcar and Ford. TSL won the award in the aptly named "Student Life" category, which is defined as "You make the college experience better for everyone."

TSL uses Zipcars to drive to and from the printing company to pick up the heavy stacks of newspaper and for distribution of the paper to the college community each week. “In addition, we sometimes cover stories that occur off-campus in L.A. or Pomona,” explains Maya Booth, TSL’s managing editor. "We send our reporters, who typically do not have their own cars, there in Zipcars. Without the access to Zipcar, we would be unable to cover important news and our papers would never reach the student body in the morning."

The Student Life newspaper has published at the Claremont Consortium since 1889, providing the main source of local news at the five undergraduate colleges every Friday and fulfilling a vital responsibility to offer objective coverage and foster open dialogue. Pomona currently has a fleet of 15 Zipcars on campus.