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Claremont School of Theatre Arts Performances of Tales of the Windship Begin July 26

The young performers rehearse.

The performers rehearse.

Every summer since 1994, Pomona College’s Department of Theatre and Dance has hosted the Claremont School of Theatre Arts (CTSA), a five-week theatre program for children grades six to nine. This year, students in the program will be performing Tales of the Windship by Mary Fengar Gail. Show times are July 26-28 (Thursday-Saturday) at 7 p.m. and July 28 & 29, Saturday and Sunday, at 2 p.m.

Students in the program play all of the roles, design the costumes, and have learned to work the lighting and props. Tickets are $10; tickets for children ages 2-12 are $8. Ticket sales help support the program, which this year provided four scholarships to lower-income participants.

CTSA is a program of Curtain Raisers for the Claremont Colleges and the Pomona Department of Theatre and Dance. Pomona’s participation gives the students the unique opportunity to learn and perform in the Seaver Theatre’s professional theatre spaces.

Curtain Raisers of The Claremont Colleges was organized in 1963 for the purpose of encouraging volunteer activities for the support of The Colleges’ theatre programs and to provide scholarships to deserving college students.