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ReCoop: Recycled Fridges, Couches, Electronics and More Provide Great Deals for Students

A bin full of rugs, futons and mattress pads

A bin full of rugs, futons and mattress pads

The ReCoop sale at last year's move-in day for the then-freshman Class of 2015

The ReCoop sale at last year's move-in day for the then-freshman Class of 2015

Last May, Pomona’s Operation Clean Sweep team went through every dorm room collecting items left behind by recently departed students. They collected more than seven 20-foot trailers of items ranging from rugs, couches and lamps to mini-refrigerators, electrical cords and hundreds of hangers.

First-year students get the first crack at purchasing these recovered items at the sixth annual ReCoop sale on Sunday, Aug. 26, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., on the walkway in front of Pendleton Pool (behind Mudd-Blaisdell and Harwood Hall). Continuing students get their opportunity a week later on Sunday Sept. 2, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., in Walker Lounge. Organizers report lines at the sale every year before opening.

Couches will cost $25-$50, fridges $35-$80 and rugs $5-$15, all depending on size and quality. Hangers, as usual, will be free to those willing to untangle them.

The inventory of what will be available includes:

  • three bins jammed to the top with an assortment of couches, armchairs, office chairs, futon frames, and IKEA tables;
  • one bin half full of mini fridges and microwaves and half shelving and plastic storage containers;
  • one bin 95% full with a massive mountain of rugs, futon mattresses, and mattress pads;
  • one bin filled with electronics including printers, floor lamps, desk lamps, fans, Christmas lights, speakers, power strips, and random electronic cables;
  • as well as kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, sporting equipment, board games, binders, notebooks, lined and printer paper, pens and pencils galore, room decorations, stuffed animals, Brita filters, pillows, and other random items.

The 28-member Clean Sweep team also collected half about a bin and a half’s worth of clothes, shoes, bedding, and towels. Donations were made to a downtown women’s shelter, a children and teen home, the local nonprofit Uncommon Good, the Los Angeles County Animal Shelter (cleaning supplies and bedding), the Pig Harmony rescue organization (blankets and towels), and Goodwill. Also collected around campus were a number of bikes that will be refurbished and donated to Pomona’s Green Bikes program.

Laura Carr '13 has been involved in the Clean Sweep/Re Coop program since the end of her freshman year and is co-manager, with Aerienne Russell '12, this year. She reports that, "hauling couches is a welcome, radical departure from studying for finals." She says she has also been traumatized by it. "The amount of perfectly usable, oftentimes really valuable items that students simply jettison at the end of the year is baffling and slightly worrying.... Stuff, stuff, and more stuff! It also makes me glad that the College supports the Clean Sweep program because, without it, those eight bins' worth of items would simply be dumped in the landfill, as indeed they were before the program began.

"I was excited to co-manage Clean Sweep this year because it’s immensely gratifying rescuing all those abandoned possessions from the landfill and seeing them revert to the next generation of the fall. I’m beginning to recognize some of the couches from year to year, which is great because it means that students are using, donating and reusing the same items within the campus community. "