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Who's in the Pomona College Class of 2016?

Members of the Class of 2016 on Move-In Day - August 26, 2012
Members of the Class of 2016 on Move-In Day - August 26, 2012

Members of the Class of 2016 on Move-In Day - August 26, 2012. For more photos, visit .

Every September approximately 400 new students move to Pomona College. We thought you might like to know more about the newest members of the Pomona family – the Class of 2016.

The 399 students in the Class of 2016 include 42 students who got to know Pomona through the Questbridge program and six from the Pomona College Academy for Youth Success (PAYS).

The students represent 38 states and the District of Columbia, as well as 15 countries. The states represented by 10 or more students include: California (138), Illinois (23), Washington (28), New York (18), Oregon (16), Pennsylvania (12), Texas (12) and Florida (10).

International students comprise 9.5% of the group and come from: Canada (2), China (14), Colombia (2), Ethiopia (1), France (1), Germany (1), Ghana (1), Greece (1), Hong Kong (1), India (4), Japan (2), Kenya (2), Korea (4), Mexico (1) and Singapore (1).

The number of languages spoken by the Class of 2016 is 34.

First-generation college students represent 14.3% of the class. Slightly more than 43% self-identify as students of color.

Of the 399 new students:

  • 62% came from public schools,
  • 22% from independent schools,
  • 6% from parochial schools,
  • 10% from international schools, and
  • 91.4% were in the top 10% of their graduating class.

In the Class of 2016, 54% are receiving scholarships and the average financial aid package is $37,974. Pomona meets 100 percent of the demonstrated need of every student admitted with scholarship and a small amount of work-study funding.

Most students were born in 1994. For them, according to the Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2016:

  • There has always been football in Jacksonville but never in Los Angeles.
  • Star Wars has always been just a film, not a defense strategy.
  • Gene therapy has always been an available treatment.
  • Genomes of living things have always been sequenced
  • History has always had its own channel.

The most common birthday is September 15.

The most popular woman's name is Hana/Hannah (5). The most popular men's name is Daniel (7).

Their most common extracurricular activities in high school were:

  • Athletics: 59%
  • Community Service: 83%
  • Dance: 8%
  • Debate/Model UN/Academic Decathlon: 26%
  • Music: 41%
  • Publications: 20%
  • Student Government: 20%
  • Theatre: 13%
  • Visual Arts: 12%

Also moving to Pomona were 12 transfer students. They previously attended: Bowdoin, Colgate, Lafayette, NYU, Portland State, Santa Monica College, Skidmore, University of Michigan, Vassar, Villanova and Wesleyan.


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