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Prof. Dru Gladney Quoted by The Guardian About Uighur Tightrope Walkers in China

The Guardian newspaper sought Prof. Dru Gladney’s expertise on minorities in China for a fascinating story on “Chinese tightrope walkers’ balancing act between Xinjiang and Beijing,” published on Jan. 6.

Gladney, a professor of anthropology, is an expert on Chinese politics, ethnic and cultural nationalism, and ethnic minorities in China, with a focus on the people and cultures along the modern Silk Road. He is the author of several books on China’s ethnic minorities including Dislocating China: Muslims, Minorities, and Other Subaltern Subjects (2004), Muslim Chinese: Ethnic Nationalism in the People's Republic (1991, 2nd ed., 1996) and Ethnic Identity in China: The Making of a Muslim Minority Nationality (1998).

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