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Pomona’s VP of Admissions and Financial Aid Talks about the Value of SATs on KQED Radio

Pomona's Vice President of Admissions and Financial Aid Seth Allen

Pomona's Vice President of Admissions and Financial Aid Seth Allen

Pomona’s Vice President of Admissions and Financial Aid Seth Allen discussed college admissions on KQED Radio’s “Forum” program earlier today. The story focused on a new study that questions the value of standardized tests, why Pomona requires the SAT, and Pomona’s holistic admissions process.

For Pomona, the SAT “is just one decision point for us but we feel it remains an important data point,” says Allen. “I think it does help us identify students that perhaps we would overlook in the process if we didn’t have strong results from that test that help us say that this is someone that we should look at further.

“We’re not trying to make a fine judgments by 10 points on one section of the test versus 20 points less on another section of the test. We’re looking at the test in combination. So the student who performs as we’re expecting on the standardized test but also writes an essay that really conveys something we think is meaningful and has adults who are writing…not just standard praise but really telling us something about how the student functions in the classroom or in the school or in their local community. All of those things taken in combination give us some confidence that the students we’re admitting have that sort of potential and that ability to succeed in our environment.”

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