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Backcountry Race Brings Camping to Campus

Camping and good-natured competition will come together on campus this Sunday, April 13 as Pomona College’s Outdoor Education Center puts on the Amazing Backcountry Race. Teams of two to three students will compete to complete more than a dozen “backcountry” tests, from building a fire to using a compass to pitching a tent blindfolded, and much more.

 “We came up with this idea because we wanted students to learn/practice their outdoor skills in a fun way,” says Lisa Hirata, Pitzer College ’16. Winning teams will not go unrewarded, as the OEC promises prizes such as daypacks and Nalgenes.

 The event with pre-registered teams begins at 1 p.m. at the Outdoor Education Center in Pomona Hall, and continues at seven stations around campus.




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