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47 Things Every Parent Should Know - Part 1

Countdown to Campus

1. It’s Party Time

In larger metropolitan areas, Pomona families host welcome parties for incoming freshmen and their families. It’s a great introduction to the College and a terrific chance to meet other Sagehen families from your area.

2. Summer Communications

Get ready for a constant, valuable and important stream of information from the College throughout the summer. Your child will be receiving emails to log on to the Pomona Student Portal to complete and submit the new student forms. Review and enjoy form after form that MUST be carefully filled out and sent back on time. Yes, following directions and accuracy are important!

3. Home Away From Home

Your child will electronically receive his or her residence hall assignment, roommate information and campus address at the end of July (triggering room planning and shopping trips!). Before you head to the mall, keep in mind:

  • Residence hall rooms are small and are furnished with an extra-long twin bed, three to four feet of clothes-hanging space, a chest of drawers, bookshelf, trash can, desk and padded desk chair.
  • Before you go to campus, encourage your child to discuss décor and furnishings with his or her roommate. This can eliminate bringing duplicate furnishings and be helpful in establishing great roommate relationships.
  • Be sure your child has a fan! Small desktop, tower or box fans are useful and necessary during the hot weather.

4. Sponsor Groups

All first-year students are assigned to a sponsor group—a small band of freshmen who live in proximity under the wise and watchful eyes of two sophomore sponsors. Think of sponsors as surrogate older siblings without the teasing; this group is your child’s family away from home. Sponsors are carefully chosen to help smooth the transition to college. They make sure everyone is included in all activities as the school year starts. They’ll write to your child during the summer and are wonderful at calming jitters and answering pre-arrival questions.

5. Shopping 'Til You Drop

There are major retailers within a 10 to 15-minute drive of campus that sell everything you'll need. You'll find a list of shopping centers here. That said, it's advisable to shop early for a few critical items that everybody needs and that stores have trouble keeping in stock:

  • A computer: Laptops make the most sense, but to each his or her own.
  • Extra-long twin-sized sheets and blankets: No matter how hard you pull, regular twin sheets just won’t work.
  • An extra long Ethernet cable: Buy a 10-foot cable in case you need to maneuver around furniture. Some students recommend having two.
  • One or two large pillows: Hey, you want to make it easy for your son or daughter to study in bed, right?
  • Room fans: Even if your child is one of the lucky ones assigned to Mudd-Blasdell, which has air conditioning, fans are a must!

6. Trash or Treasure

On Move-In Day, the Pomona College thrift store, The Re-Coop, will make it easy for you to browse through all the furniture and other odds and ends that were gathered during May’s Operation Clean Sweep. We can’t guarantee exactly what you’ll find, but previous students have left behind a wide range of perfectly good items—everything from L.A. Dodger bobble heads to printers to sofas to laundry detergent. Hangers are available at no charge, but they go pretty quickly.

7. Ship After You Shop

Shipping belongings to Pomona before you head to college makes the crazy days before move-in much less stressful. Here are some helpful tips if you do decide to ship some items:

  • The mailroom will accept boxes two weeks before move-in day, BUT NOT EARLIER, so time your shipping accordingly.
  • Address all items in the following manner:

Student Name
170 E. Sixth St. Suite #132
Claremont, CA 91711
Mailbox # (Don't use “PO Box” – this confuses the post office, UPS, FedEx and all other mail carriers and will either prevent or delay receipt of the packages.)

  • Put a distinctive mark or sticker on your boxes – it will help you and the mailroom staff identify them quickly when you go to pick them up on Move-In Day.

California Dreamin'

8. The Joys of Coming Early

If it’s feasible, think about coming to the L.A. region early. Southern California is beautiful and filled with exciting things to do. Ease into the extremely busy transition to college by enjoying some down time before Move-In Day. Or just give yourself an extra day to shop for supplies.

9. California Cuisine

Although there are many tasty places to eat near the campus, you won’t want to go home without trying a California classic In-N-Out Burger. There are three locations less than three miles from campus. Search the Web to find their secret menu! For those of you with a more discriminating or health-conscious palette, know that there are many terrific food and snack opportunities in and around Claremont to your heart's delight! You'll find an extensive list of local restaurants here.

10. “Having Weather”

This unique California term is used on any day without a cloudless blue sky. Southern California is one of the most spectacular and weather-friendly regions in the country. Following are a few wardrobe tips:

  • Footwear: In California, flip-flops are considered dress shoes. Several pairs, from shower to casual to dress, are recommended.
  • Outerwear: In the fall, the days can be hot, but the nights are cool. Sweatshirts are California’s answer to coats. Annual rainfall is limited, and a lightly lined rain jacket with a hood should get your child through the rainy season unless it’s an El Nino year, in which case it is advisable to just batten down the hatches and ride out the storm! Nights in December, January and February can be downright cold, so heavy sweaters, scarves and a warm hat will come in handy.
  • Swimwear: Don’t forget to pack a bathing suit and a beach towel. The campus has a nice pool and the beach is only about one hour away, but be forewarned, the Pacific Ocean is very cold, even in the summer.