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47 Things Every Parent Should Know - Part 2

Moving In

11. Getting Ready

Take advantage of the Move-In Day activities. The College plans a day full of informative, fun and interesting activities for new students and families alike. Breakfast and lunch are provided, and bottles of water are available all around campus. Expect hot weather! The afternoon includes a lovely reception hosted by President David Oxtoby and his wife, Claire, and attended by many faculty members. You’ll end the day by cheering your child as he or she runs through the College gates to the first official class meeting.

12. Asking for Help

Pomona is a very friendly college. This will become immediately apparent as you roll onto the campus for Move-In Day. In addition to a small army of staff, student and parent helpers, Information Technology Services (ITS) staff can help get your computer set up. The grounds staff will be on hand with motor carts to help you bring those boxes you shipped from the mailroom to the residence hall.

13. Navigating Check-In

Your child will need to sign all the paperwork, get residence hall keys, take an ID photo and check in with the appropriate Orientation Adventure group. There is plenty of time after check-in to organize your child’s room. It is best to run through all of the check-in activities at once.

  • While your child is busy with all of this, take time to visit with representatives of the College’s departments and local merchants who’ll be on hand to answer questions as varied as where to get prescriptions filled, where to find the best frozen yogurt or how to become a DJ on the campus radio station.
  • Don’t forget to visit the Pomona Parents Council table. Meet friendly parent volunteers and then consider becoming one yourself!

14. Finding Your Room

After check-in, proceed to your child’s residence hall, find a convenient parking spot, unload quickly and then move your car to a more remote location so that the caravan of automobiles behind you can be accommodated. If you don’t find a nearby spot, parking lots abound but can be a healthy walk from the residence halls. So, a luggage cart with wheels and a bungee cord will be helpful for moving boxes and bins. You will make many trips. Wear cool, comfortable clothing and shoes, and bring a hat. Remember—August will probably be hot.

15. Finding Your Sponsor

Sponsors will greet you and your child when you move in. If you need to ask a question before they come by, scout the halls to find them. They are experts at spotting “newbies” and their parents, and are only too happy to help. Sponsors are the friendly lifelines to the first few months of college, so you might as well get to know them right away.

16. Wandering

Busy as your first day at Pomona will be, there is some down time to stroll around, marvel at the beauty of the campus and become familiar with the buildings that will come up in conversations with your kids as the year progresses. Get to know the Claremont Village, which is adjacent to the College.