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47 Things Every Parent Should Know - Part 3

Your Child’s New Digs

17. Playing Room Detective

Once you find your child’s room, inspect it and the furniture carefully. Your son or daughter will be required to complete a "room inspection report" that will be used again at the end of the year to evaluate whether or not the room has been damaged. The College will hold students responsible for damage (yes…with costly fines), so make sure you start with an accurate assessment of the room's condition!

18. Interior Decorating 101

Hard as it may be, let your child and his or her roommate(s) be creative and have fun arranging the furniture to best suit their needs. Walls are painted a neutral color, but on this front, suppress those decorating tendencies; walls cannot be painted. Tape, nails and tacks are not allowed. 3-M Command Strips or similar will hold most items on walls and don’t leave marks. Plants and posters will make the rooms more cheerful and are available at nearby stores.

19. Avoiding Cold Feet

Room floors are typically linoleum or low pile carpet, so a small area rug feels good on weary feet. Housekeeping has a vacuum that students can use to keep their place clean.

20. Using Every Square Inch

Beds are adjustable up or down (some require tools). If adjusted upward, plastic storage drawers or bins and other less frequently used items fit neatly beneath the bed.

21. Staying Cool or Warming Up

It can be very hot in Claremont through October. Room fans are essential. We suggest a floor/tower fan and a desk fan (note, this is reminder number three about this item…we are serious!) On the other hand, the one residence hall (Mudd-Blaisdell) that does have air conditioning can be chilly. Bring a blanket.

Don’t Leave Home Without ’Em

22. Hangers

You’ll need lots of them…don’t count on the free ones from the Re-Coop store. An adjustable hanging rod that can clip to the main rod in your child’s wardrobe to increase hanging space is also very helpful.

23. Extra Storage

With limited in-room storage, plastic bins and drawers are valued.

24. Appliances

A small refrigerator is nice but not necessary. Pomona aspires to be a green college, and strongly encourages Energy Star appliances. Remember the “Talk to your roommate” tip…dorm rooms are much too small to hold duplicate appliances!

25. Thirst-Quenchers

Don’t forget a microwavable mug and an unbreakable, reusable water bottle. (And you thought we weren’t serious about the green thing!).

26. Bath Gear

You might want to bring shower flip-flops and a caddy (for toiletries and the like). There are cubbies in each bathroom where caddies can safely reside. Bring a spare toothbrush (they tend to fall out of shower caddies and a clean extra one is nice to have). You might want to mark any towels that your child would leave in the shower room.

27. Laundry Items

A collapsible hamper and drying rack always come in handy. Be green…dry some clothes on the rack instead of consuming power to do so. And just in case the gym clothes don’t get washed as often as you hoped, don’t forget an air freshener for the room.

28. A Lamp

A desk lamp will help prevent eyestrain during late-night study sessions, and because we are a green campus, CFL bulbs are available for free through the Environmental Quality Committee of the ASPC.

29. Tools

A small tool kit and duct tape (the miracle tool…but never use it on dorm room walls!) will come in handy. A tape measure can come in handy on Move-In Day to make sure you’re buying the right size storage bins.

Don’t Leave Home WITH ’Em

30. Prohibited Items

Pomona’s a pretty easy-going place, but certain items will rightly raise the hackles of College staff and administrators.

  • In-room or window air conditioners are strictly forbidden; your child will be fined if they have such a unit.
  • The College does not allow firearms, decorative swords, nunchucks or similar items in the residence halls.

Plugging In and Getting Wired

31. Plugging In

Although Pomona is a wireless campus, many students like having an Ethernet cable for faster connectivity. Also, an inexpensive laptop lock or leash is strongly suggested.

32. Printing

A printer for your child’s room is not necessary. Each student is given a $10 print quota at the beginning of the semester that grants access to the many printers around campus. This quota can be easily replenished, but, at five double-sided copies per penny, that $10 goes a long way!!

33. Troubleshooting

Information Technology Services will be available on Move-In Day to help set up computers (PCs and Macs) and troubleshoot. ITS will put the Geek Squad to shame and is available all year to assist. They can and will fix almost anything.

34. Phones

Cell phone reception is not consistent in all residence halls. Every room has a data and a phone port for each occupant. An inexpensive desk phone and a calling card will make your conversations much more clear and reliable. Your son or daughter should contact the Office of Campus Life to arrange for the landline to be activated.