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Online Video Library

Click on one of the videos below to view a recorded lecture or event hosted by the Pacific Basin Institute.

Individual Lectures

Owen Wiseman '05
The Five Pillars: Building a Creative Career

Shamsul A.B.
"The Islam Embedded Thesis: Religion and Plurality in Southeast Asia and the Occident"


Richard Baum
"China Watcher: Confessions of a Peking Tom"


Ambassador Raymond Burghardt
"Progress in Making Peace Across the Taiwan Strait: An American Perspective"


Prasenjit Duara
"China and India Since Decolonization"


Peter Hays Gries
"Consuming China: Measuring American Responses to the Beijing Olympics"


Hussain Haqqani
"Muslim Politics in South Asia: Challenges, Threats and Changes"


Peter Hessler
"Factory Town: Life in a Chinese Development Zone"


Mark Juergensmeyer
"Religious Violence in the Pacific Basin: The Global Connections"


Ellis Krauss
"The Fall of Japan's Long-Dominant Party"


Minxin Pei
"The People's Republic of China at 60: Will the Good Times Last?"


Vincent Rafael
"Islam in the Philippines: A Historical Sketch"


Karl Ryavec
"Mapping Old and New Geographies of Religion in China and Tibet"


Jeffrey Wasserstrom
"The Second Coming of the Global Shanghai"



Lecturer: Yang Shengmin; Panelists: Ding Hong, Qingren, Wu Xiaoyan, Dan Smyer Yu
"Ethnic Identity in China: Perspectives and Research