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Public Policy Analysis

Conditions of Education in the Five-County Region: Mapping and Analysis

David Sherer ('08), David Menefee-Libey, Warren Roberts

Exploratory and descriptive research was conducted on the conditions of K-12 education in the 5-county region of Southern California (Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties). The research had two primary purposes: (1) To finish and launch the yearly report for (Southern California Consortium on Research in Education) in order to provide coherent and comprehensive data on school enrollment, student and school performance, teacher qualifications, and other important educational indicators. (2) To add a spatial, mapping-based level of analysis to the SCCORE reports through the use of GIS software. The large majority of data came from public websites maintained by the state Department of Education and census files provided by the federal government. This years SCCORE report echoed past findings: As enrollments across the region continue to increase  dramatically, the school system faces serious quality and equity challenges. Exploratory mapping revealed several significant trends: Certain school districts, especially Los Angeles Unified School district, have lost a significant amount of students in the last 5 years, belying the region-wide trend of increased enrollments. Additionally, school size tends to increase as poverty in a community increases.
Funding provided by: SURP

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