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Black Studies

A Beautiful Princess: From the Perspective of an African American Girl

Parks, Jaleesa ('10);  Johnson, T. Hasan*
*Claremont University Consortiuim, Claremont CA

It has been debated throughout time whether or not exposure to media sources has a greater effect on one’s ideals and values more than traditional factors. The purpose was to see how mere exposures to ideals of beauty that are displayed in the Disney Princesses, which are mostly built upon Western Aesthetics, influence the ideas of beauty for young African American females. A pool of 12 African American females ages 6-10 all viewed five Disney Princess movies (Cinderella, Aladdin, Snow White, Mulan, and Pocahontas) as a group once a week, for five weeks. Then each girl was individually interviewed about her ideas and about the princesses and what she thought made them pretty or beautiful. The results demonstrated that both the media and other traditional factors influence the development of ideals of beauty for princesses in African American Girls, but there was a trend of preferences for western features.
Funding provided by: The Aubrey H. and Eileen J. Seed Award

Research at Pomona