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Libraries and Human Rights: Investigations at the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo

Sanabria, Victor ('09);  Tinker Salas, Miguel;  Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo;  Evangelista, Liria;  Gonzalez-Chiaramonte, Claudio

I have spent the past three months in Buenos Aires working at the library of the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo. Having already passed two years as a student library worker at the Honnold-Mudd Library of the Claremont Colleges, and a summer as a librarian at the Instituto Chileno Norteamericano in Santiago, Chile, I was accepted to help with the Abuelas as an assistant in their library expansion project. In my research on the library’s expansion I have investigated how technology, resources and a clear sense of direction in the library will contribute to fluid growth and adaptability for the organization as a whole. The Abuelas are currently trying to redirect their mission towards contemporary human rights issues but as they were originally founded in specific response to Argentina’s military dictatorship three decades ago, they have since had a difficult time advancing on matters beyond those related to the Dirty War.
Funding provided by: Pomona College SURP

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