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Public Policy Analysis


Duberg, Katherine ('10);  Worthington, Richard Rahi, Khan*
*Loka Institute

I have been working with Richard Worthington on a project that examines alternative scientific research models. The majority of US R&D has occurred in the business sector since 1979;  industrial R&D accounted for 66% of US R&D funding in 2006. The alternative models are not profit-driven, and often are informed by community organizations or social movements. After searching the literature to determine where these alternatives are most commonly encountered, we focused on R&D in four sectors of the economy: agri-food, defense, energy and health. Of the four sectors in which this type of research has occurred, the majority of it has been in the health sector. Surprisingly, community-based research has not occurred in the information and communications technology sector. We will present the results of our work at the Society for Social Studies of Science conference in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, at the end of August.
Funding provided by: Pomona College SURP

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