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Public Policy Analysis

World Wide Views on Global Warming

Dawn Bickett ('10); Grace Vermeer ('10); Richard Worthington

World Wide Views on Global Warming is a citizen consultation taking place on September 26, 2009 in 40 countries and 5 US sites, including Claremont. Laypeople participating around the world will discuss the same issues as the delegates at the UN Convention on Climate Change in December. A major goal of the project is to encourage delegates to consider the voices of everyday citizens when making decisions at the convention. To best accomplish this goal, the people deliberating must reflect the diversity of their own society. Our results to date relate to the challenge of recruiting participants who reflect the range of Los Angeles area residents. While recruiting from various ethnic groups has been less challenging then expected, finding income diversity has been more challenging. Recruiting individuals who have a high school degree or lower has proven most difficult even though WWViews attempts to anticipate educational inequality.
Funding provided by: The Aubrey H. and Eileen J. Seed Award (DB)

Research at Pomona