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Art History

Watch Kaylie Wilson '11 Discuss Her Research

Decoding the Archive

Kaylie Wilson ('11); Mentor: Kathleen Howe

Abstract: My project is a community experiment designed to test how new archival structures alter a participants dialogue with a body of images. Our bureaucratic, academic, and social archival systems are laden with power structures and iconic categories, both of which determine the parameters within which our dialogues and interactions can take place. This relational aesthetics gallery exhibit will conduct a practice in altering these terms of engagement by subverting the traditional mechanisms inherent in the system. By inviting a sample of the Pomona community to interact with a loosely organized visual archive I hope to create an engagement with the process of archiving, which alerts the participant to the hidden rubrics constraining their personal and public dialogue. Simultaneously the project encourages them to subvert the constraints and to engage in a personal and novel way with a body of visual information.
Funding Provided by: The Faucett Family Foundation

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