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Media Studies

Life on the road - Street Children in Pakistan

Afshin Khan ('11)

Abstract: Approximately 1.2 million children roam the streets of Pakistan doing menial jobs such as cleaning windscreens of cars on road intersections, selling newspapers, magazines, and flower bouquets. Children are turning to the streets amidst increasing poverty, unemployment, swelling family size and social disintegration seen in abuse in schools, as well as domestic violence, neglect and family breakdown. Undoubtedly, they have become the country's largest and most ostracized social group. 'Life on the road' is a documentary that explores the life of these children on the streets of Karachi, at major road intersections, and in narrow lanes where they pick up garbage. Having learned life lessons at a tender age, most of them realize the importance of education and some have managed to continue their pursuit of knowledge while at the same time contributing financially to their families and households. There are some who appear hopeless and imagine living and earning
Funding provided by The Draper Center, Asian Studies Program Summer Research Grant

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