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Art and Art History

Here, Now and Why: Place-Specific Contemporary Southern California Art in Context

Rose Comadurán '12; Mentor: Lisa Anne Auerbach

Abstract: To what extent have place factors ultimately influenced the kind of art that is made in Los Angeles, and what is the relationship between changing ideas and expressions of place in society and culture at large, and the evolution of place-specific art? This project explores the greater context of the contemporary place-specific art scene in Los Angeles. Methods: I read histories of Los Angeles to develop a better contextual understanding, interviewed contemporary LA artists who do critical, place-specific work, and viewed relevant local artwork. Finally, I compared notes from my readings, interviews and observations, looking for common threads. Observations: I identified three general categories of historically linked factors contributing to the contemporary LA place-specific art movement: the relatively cheap and hospitable environment for artists in Southern California, the nature of the art markets and artist communities here, and the allure of Los Angeles as an almost mythic place.
Funding Provided by Pomona College SURP

Innovations in STEAM Education through Art Institutions

Andrew Hong ('13); Mentor: Mark Allen

Abstract:  The incorporation of the arts into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education would encourage creativity and exploration and help to create analogous innovations in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) fields. We propose that utilizing experiential teaching methods through art museums is an effective way to conduct informal science education, reach demographics with less exposure to STEAM, and create positive affect and willingness to learn. Based on previous literature and the results of past classes and exhibits, we have developed methods of teaching informal science education as artists engaging in science. As the dominant voice in the field is that of scientists engaging in art, we seek to introduce a novel perspective with which we can approach STEAM education.Ongoing testing of our methodology will begin with a museum exhibit at the New Children's Museum in San Diego this December.
Funding Provided by: David L. Hirsch III and Susan H. Hirsch Research Initiation Grant

The Art Land Project

Lucas Wrench (’13); Mentor: Michael O’Malley, Mercedes Teixido

Abstract: Through a commitment to sustainable, community oriented living; the Art Land Project creates a space that combines the creative process with the labors of rural life. Land improvement projects such as tree planting, garden cultivating, and cabin building focus on a longer time scale and are intended for future benefit, not just immediate enjoyment. The ultimate goal is to provide a space for people to gather and live together in creative, sustainable production.
Funding Provided by: Pomona College SURP

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