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The Characterization of GSnH in Solution

Alexander Ruch ('12); Mentor: E.J. Crane

Abstract:  Glutathione (GSH) is an important molecule in relieving oxidative stress, in the cell it is converted to its oxidized form GSSG.  This reaction has been studied extensively, however the presence of GSnG and GSnH in the reaction or in the cell has not been characterized.  We propose using HILIC in order to verify the presence of GSnG, GSnH, and other polysulfide created from biologically relevant molecules in solution. A similar method was used to distinguish the oxidized and non-oxidized versions of GSH and GSSH.  By reacting GSH with sodium sulfide we will create GSnH and then verify its presence in solution using HILIC.  We will characterize the ratios of the various polysulfides and then apply our method to cellular solutions as well as solutions that are more likely to be in contact with a living organism to see if these polysulfides are biologically relevant.
Funding Provided by: Pomona College SURP  

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