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A Commentary on Statius' Silvae 3.6

Seo Roh ('12); Mentor: Christopher Chinn

Abstract: My project is to work closely with the poems of the Silvae (written by Statius, a Roman poet of the 1st century under Domitian), reading and translating the Latin, while looking for themes of paradox, pederasty, and patronage. In addition, I then chose one poem among the Silvae for which to make a commentary. The poem I've chosen (Silvae 3.6) contains many paradoxical elements, apt for a paradoxical topic: The eunuch in Domitian's court when he was the emperor to outlaw castration. The poem is about the dedication of the eunuch's first facial hair to the god of healing, Asclepius, praising his boyish/feminine beauty while also lauding Domitian for outlawing castration.  The commentary encompasses both textual, paleographical, intertextual, and rhetorical and stylistic matters. The commentary remains in the works and will be turned in as my Senior Thesis Project in Spring 2012.
Funding Provided by: Pomona College SURP

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