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Religious Studies

The Tanach Project: An Online Platform for Collaborative Analysis of the Hebrew Bible

Rina Sadun (2014); Mentor(s): Erin Runions

Abstract: Studying the Hebrew Bible often relies on careful analysis of the text’s wording and grammatical construction, which can be cryptic and open to multiple interpretations. Although millennial of scholarship have produced an abundance of interpretations, it is still difficult to compare a variety of sources for individual words and verses, even with existing digital databases. This project entails design and preliminary programming for a new website called The Tanach Project, which seeks to aid biblical study by providing a collaborative platform for compiling sources and adding new textual analysis. In addition to letting users tag verses with citations of published commentaries that reference them, the site provides a detailed rubric that users can use to tag individual words based on over 20 grammatical elements including root, stem, and prefixes. Other users will then be able to search these tags to analyze word usage and identify patterns based on grammatical elements.
Funding Provided by: Pomona College SURP