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Personal Computers and Telephones


The Information Technology Services (ITS) department provides computing services and support for Pomona College.  There are extensive computing facilities on campus, including computer labs with high-speed laser printers, a multimedia lab, several academic labs and high-speed wired and wireless access to the local area network and the Internet in all dorm rooms.

Online orientation to IT at Pomona College is available for incoming first years (and their parents) on YouTube at


E-Mail Accounts

Pomona provides Microsoft hosted e-mail accounts for students (  Because Pomona email is a significant means of communication on the Pomona campus, all students need to regularly check their Pomona e-mail account.  Pomona e-mail can be accessed via the web, mobile devices/smartphones, and through most standard e-mail clients.  Please refer to the Through The Gates tab on the student portal ( for details on how to setup your e-mail account.

Computing Accounts

Pomona students are provided computing accounts for file storage and print and e-mail services.  These accounts also provide access to public computers, software, library databases, personal Web spaces, online course material, course registration, the Internet and other network services. 

For more information on Computing Accounts, please visit: or view the Orientation video referenced above.

Students receive a $20 print allocation per semester, which amounts to 1,000 pages of double-sided black and white laser printing.  Color printing, poster printing and transparency printing are also available for an additional charge.  Additional print allocation may be purchased as needed.  Seniors are granted an additional $20 allocation each semester.  Print allocations roll over from semester to semester. For more information on Printing Services, please visit


Personal Computers

Students can successfully complete their studies at Pomona without bringing a computer to campus; however, during peak periods such as mid-terms and finals, demand for public facilities increases and one may have to reschedule work and projects to non-peak hours to secure a computer.  Most students prefer to bring their own computers to Pomona.  Laptops provide extra flexibility and portability, as they can take advantage of the College’s wireless network.

ITS supports PCs running Windows XP or better and Macintosh systems running Mac OS X 10.6 or better.  Up-to-date Microsoft Office is available to students at a nominal fee via our campus-wide site licensing agreements. Antivirus software for both Windows and Mac OS X are provided to Pomona students free of charge.  Information regarding this program is available on the ITS Website or by calling the ITS Service Desk at (909) 621-8061.

The Pomona College Network Guidelines require that you use up-to-date antivirus software on your computer. Microsoft Security Essentials is available free of charge from Microsoft for personally owned computers. Microsoft Security Essentials is fully supported and automatically updated by Microsoft. In addition to antivirus software, ITS strongly recommends using anti-spyware software on your Windows computer, such as the free MalwareBytes Anti-Malware program.

If you choose to bring a computer to campus, you should adequately insure your computing equipment.  You should also purchase an extended warranty plan for your computer, in the event that any technical difficulties arise.  ITS offers limited software and operating system support for student-owned equipment.  For liability reasons, ITS employees cannot perform any hardware repairs on student-owned computers.

Please bring any original restore, system, and installation disks with you to campus.

Connecting to the Campus Network (ResNet)

If you bring a computer to campus, you can take advantage of dorm networking (ResNet), which includes wired and wireless access to campus network resources, printing services and the Internet.  There are no additional fees for ResNet service.

The minimum system requirements for ResNet connections are:

PC: Windows XP, at least 2GB RAM, 20GB free hard disk space,

Macintosh: Intel processor, 2GB RAM, OS X version 10.6 or higher

To access ResNet, you will need either an Ethernet card or a wireless network (WiFi) adapter. You will need a CAT-6 Ethernet patch cable to use ResNet wired connections.  For further information about registering onto ResNet, please see


The ITS Service Desk is located in the main public computing lab at the J.C. Cowart Information located at 156 E. 7th Street.  It is staffed by knowledgeable student consultants and supported by full-time staff.  For more information, please visit our website at  Assistance is available via email to, on our Knowledgebase at, or by telephone during staffed hours at (909) 621-8061. You can also follow the Help Desk on Twitter ( or Facebook (



When you arrive on campus and check into your room, you will find a telephone jack that supports a dedicated extension in your room.  You must request to activate the phone jack and bring a telephone to plug into it. Voice mail is provided, and free campus calling, local area calls, and toll-free calling are available (for example, numbers beginning in 1-800, 1-866, 1-877 and 1-888).  Entertainment numbers such as those beginning in 1-7XX or 1-9XX are not available.

An overwhelming majority of students use cell phones in preference to the college telephone network.  Cell phones offer considerable flexibility, but some students experience some difficulty with reception in some of the residence halls.  You are free to do either or both.  When you check into the residence hall, you must provide the College with a telephone number—either your cell phone or residence hall room phone—that is active and can be used to contact you.

 Campus telephones can be dialed directly from off campus.  Your parents and friends can call your room without going through a switchboard if they know your extension.  If someone is attempting to reach you but does not know your extension, he or she may call the campus switchboard at 909-621-8000 Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM, Saturday 9 AM to 4 PM and Sunday 10 AM to 4 PM.  The campus switchboard operators will never give out a student extension and can only route a caller to a student extension if the student provides their number to the operator for that purpose.

Calling Long Distance from Residence Hall Room Telephones

Long distance calls are paid for by students.  Students may use carrier-provided calling cards (from Verizon, A T& T, Sprint, etc.) or debit cards or cell phones. To use a debit card to pay for long distance calls see or Huntley Bookstore also carries prepaid phone cards.

For further information please go to the Office of Telecommunications website at