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Student Banking and List of Financial Institutions

As a new student at The Claremont Colleges, you’ll probably want to set up checking and savings accounts at a local bank.  The following information will assist you as you organize your finances.

Before You Arrive

You will need approximately $500 to cover the cost of books and expenses during the first few weeks.  Huntley Bookstore (bookstore for the Colleges) accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.  Local banks and merchants are not usually willing to accept out-of-state personal checks.  Traveler's Checks are one of th easiest and safest ways to insure that you'll have money when you need it. Claremont Cash is also very effective and is accepted at the Huntley Bookstore, the ASPC Coop Store and a number of merchants around Claremont.

Opening an Account

Unfortunately, it is not possible to open an account at any of the local banks by mail, as it is necessary to sign forms in the presence of a bank employee.  While banks increase staff at this time of the year, lines can be long.  There are a number of banks within walking distance to campus.  Representatives from Bank of America will be on campus for two days to open student accounts the Welcome Fair at Sumner Hall on Sunday, August 21 and at the courtyard of the Smith Campus Center starting on Monday, August 21.  Bank of America also has an ATM at the Smith Campus Center.


To open an account, you will generally need two pieces of identification.  These can include an up-to-date driver’s license, any major credit card, a passport, or a photo student I.D.  Banks will not open an account without proper identification and will not cash checks unless you have an account.  If you are under 18 years of age, your parents will need to authorize your account.  To open a “Student Account” (cheaper at some banks), you will need your student I.D. card which you will receive shortly after you arrive on campus.

International and Out-of-State Students

Most checks that have not been written on a California bank account will be put through a “hold.”  Depending on the state or country from which the check has come, the holding period (time during which you may not use the money after it has been deposited) may be anywhere from 3 days to 4 weeks.  (Example:  a Japanese check going through a New York bank takes 3 weeks; an American check from Boston takes 10 working days.)

Local Banks

Bank of America*
339 Yale Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711
(909) 865-2424

1st City Savings*
Federal Credit Union
250 W. First Street
Claremont, CA  91711
(909) 626-1203

Wells Fargo Bank*
203 Yale Ave.
Claremont, CA  91711
(909) 398-1140

400 North Indian Hill Blvd.
Claremont, CA  91711
(909) 624-9001

U.S. Bank
393 W. Foothill Blvd.
Claremont, CA  91711
(909) 625-8655

California Bank and Trust*
102 N. Yale Avenue
Claremont, CA  91711
(909) 624-9091

Wells Fargo ATM Service
(Inside Von’s Supermarket)
550 E. Baseline Rd.
Claremont, CA  91711
(800) 869-3557

Foothill Independent Bank
223 W. Foothill Blvd.
Claremont, CA  91711
(909) 621-0519

NOTE:  In addition to the above full-service banks, there is a Bank of America ATM on campus in the Smith Campus Center courtyard, near the Coop Store (open 24 hours).

* These banks are within walking distance of the Pomona campus.